Are you looking for support to quickly, gently & permanently move past trauma or chronic pain?

The MAP Method™ is validated by neuroscience to provide measurable results in minutes, so you can finally overcome past trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, phobias and any self-sabotaging behavior. Schedule a session today and experience fast, gentle healing.




  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    Elynn is one of the few people that I would allow to touch me. I would recommend her to anyone. Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of practitioners. At this time, Elynn is one of the few people that I would allow to work on my body. Elynn's way of connecting to the body allows her to see what is going on in the body. Then she supports the release of the emotional or energetic issues held in the body.

    She has so much knowledge of how energy moves. She can unblock it where it is blocked. Many times in seeing other practitioners, I have gotten hurt worse or injured. That’s why I use Elynn! Her distance healing is as effective as having her hands on my body.

    LCSW, Kneeland CA

  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    When I reached out to Elynn it was from a place of desperation and sheer anger and frustration. When I started working with Elynn, she helped me identify my priorities which made sense of the never ending stream of chatter swirling in my head.
    Elynn identified my triggers and the reason for them during (RTT) Rapid Transformational Therapy.

    The initial session was so incredible. The realization that I felt I didn’t have a voice during my childhood was a powerful reoccurring theme for me and a major focus of the healing work that Elynn did with me. The recording that Elynn made was extremely crucial in keeping the momentum going from our sessions together.


  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    Elynn has helped me to be a better parent to my boys: Identify the reasons why I eat the way I do and emotions I am suppressing, listening to my body and listening to my feelings, shifting perspectives and letting go and the importance of self care and tools to help with anger, setting goals and the importance of gratitude.

    During a major life changing decision to find a new job, Elynn’s work helped me use my voice and advocate for myself. I was able to successfully negotiate a higher salary for myself. I finally had a breakthrough and exceeded the same annual salary I have had for the last 19 years.

    Executive Admin

  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    Since the very beginning Elynn made me feel safe to open up and be vulnerable about the issues I needed to heal. She inspired trust and validated my experience in a way that made me feel resourceful and not a victim of my circumstances and in the same way she wasn’t patronizing or bypassing rather empowering and hopeful.

    She is a wonderful healer not just because of her skills and knowledge but also because of her intuition and transparency. She uses her tools and her wisdom in service of the healing and I never felt the fixing energy or a hidden agenda of an specific outcome. She stayed present with me during my process and held a space for my transformation to happen.

    Marketing, Graphic Arts

  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    When Alexa was eight, she had a very bad double ear infection. Her eardrums burst and she lost a lot of hearing. I actually brought her to you because I had heard you were good with emotional healing. Because of the pain she had suffered, she was very upset emotionally. You gave her a craniosacral adjustment.

    Within 24 hours her hearing had improved so dramatically! I couldn't believe it. And she continued to improve. Within a couple weeks, her hearing was back to normal. You also noticed that her glasses were too tight. We adjusted them and the ear infections didn't come back. Now, three years later, her hearing is still normal. Thank you Elynn. You are such a blessing to us.

    Mother of six amazing children

  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    I've had chronic health problems & chronic pain for 20 years. I have tried various conventional & alternative treatments over the last 15 years but none resolved my pain. After working with Elynn Light, I was able to release the root cause of my pain. I now enjoy a life of being free of pain. I am full of energy & sleep better than ever. I am able to workout & do all the things I was never able to do because of my pain. I no longer have to plan my entire life around my pain.

    It was an absolute joy working with Elynn. Her ability to determine the root cause was phenomenal. I loved Elynn's intuitive approach which is much different than other professionals I worked have worked with. It has given me a new lease on life.

    Executive Assistant

  • Elynn Light, MAP Practitioner, Integrative Healer

    Elynn has helped lower my stress levels substantially by using her energy release technique. What I love about our sessions is it combines talking through issues and tapping (energy release) which gets to the stress root of the emotion. Immediately, I can notice the weight and the heat of my dis-stress have dissipated and I feel physically lighter.

    Elynn has also helped my husband and I communicate better through sessions taken together. She has served as a mediator for difficult topics as well as individual issues that were affecting our marriage. I feel through these sessions with my husband we have gotten many difficult issues on the table and also been able to hear each other in a more compassionate way.

    Mom, Yogi

Meet Elynn Light: Integrative Healer & MAP Certified Practitioner

Trauma, chronic pain, and other blockages can feel like a never-ending cycle of treatments. Have you tried different modalities for relief, with nothing really working in the long term?

Do you feel stuck?  Unable to move forward? I'd love to support you on your healing journey with a unique treatment method that I learned about a few years ago.  I've practiced various modalities over the last 30 years with a lot of success, but only The MAP Method™ has provided consistent results. 

If you're looking for a way to live free from trauma or chronic pain, improve your life, achieve your goals, and overcome stress and anxiety, let's talk! The MAP Method™ that I use in sessions delivers a scientifically validated technique that is easy to learn and gentle, while producing long-term results. It gently rewires your brain so that you can continue to achieve your goals even after your session is over. 

MAP is a scientifically validated technique that will blow your mind.

Make positive change easy, gentle, and immediate!

The MAP Method™ is a revolutionary tool for change that works by rewiring the brain. By using this method, you can replace old, negative connections with new, positive or neutral ones. This leads to immediate changes in the way you think and behave. The MAP Method™ is based on the latest scientific research on brain plasticity and neurogenesis. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used by anyone who wants to change their life for the better. The best part about the MAP Method is that it is 100% natural and drug-free. So if you're looking for a safe and effective way to change your life, MAP may be the perfect solution for you.